I was born in Milwaukee, WI. Our family moved to Wadena, MN when I was seven years old. We lived next to my grandparents and had plenty of land to enjoy the great outdoors. Birds, bees, bugs, butterflies, flowers, trees, ponds, wildlife, lady slippers, morel mushrooms and much more! Could life be any better?

I was in the military for four years where I was stationed in Nuremberg, Germany from 1987-1991. I did a lot of traveling and visited over seventeen different countries. Now I am looking forward to retiring so that I can keep exploring my many interests.

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Anita with some freshly baked biscotti.
Anita selling at a Wadena Farmers Market in the old Pamida parking lot.
Anita holding a beautiful delicata squash.
Anita picking up a bundle of garlic to be hung up to dry in the garage.