When you are known as the “Garlic Lady,” you know you may have grown a little too much garlic. At the farmers market we have had fresh garlic, dried garlic (garlic flakes and garlic powder), pickled garlic and the sweetest of all… garlic jelly. What I really enjoy about selling garlic is talking to others and teaching them how to grow and use garlic. My father is to blame for my start with garlic. I took it hook, line, and sinker.

I had thought of not growing so much garlic as it can be a bit of time and work, especially when you are growing five to six thousand bulbs and both Phil and I both work full time jobs. We grow other things and have many other hobbies and interests. To see other people enjoy and look forward to the fresh garlic each year is very rewarding. We will see what the future brings for our garlic now that Phil has recently retired.

Pickled scapes.
A few garlicky items at our farmers market booth.
What we are all about.