Garlic Varieties

We grow a variety of garlic. These are the four varieties that we currently grow, with our most popular being Ed's Porcelain.

Ed's Porcelain

(our specialty)

Great middle of the road garlic that is not too mild or too bold, with a full and robust flavor.
Normally stores 8 months or longer.
Average 4-5 large cloves.

Named after my father. My dad loved to grow garlic and did well at it. Over time the garlic got mixed up and we called it regular garlic for years. The great flavor that our customers love and look forward to every year now has a name. The farm is named after my dad for his proud bohemian heritage combined with his love of growing garlic. Hence Garlicky Bohemian Farm. We miss him and wish he could be here to see the farm’s progress.


This porcelain hardneck garlic has spicy little notes along with a flavorful taste.
Average 4-6 large cloves.


Adorned with purple stripes, this garlic braves the cold by cultivating a hot taste.
Also described as "great bulbs of fire".
Average 5-7 large cloves.

Chesnok Red

Chesnok Red is a purple stripe like our Metechi, but with a much more tame flavor.
Sweet and tasty when baked.
Try making some garlic ice cream with Chesnok Red. It is said to have the consistency of butter brickle ice cream.
Average 5-9 cloves.