Golden Garlic Flakes

It is that time of the year when we dry any garlic we have left over from this last fall harvest. It is a bit of work for a large amount. We have already dried other garlic earlier in the year.

What is nice about dried garlic is that it is fast and easy to use and keeps for a long time. I like the flakes because they dry faster than larger chunks and you are sure that they are thoroughly dry. You can put them in a grinder if you want to make garlic powder. When Phil cooks he likes to use the mortar and pestle to get the garlic to the consistency he wants.

To dry garlic you take the bulb and break it into cloves. You then peel the cloves, rinse and then put them thru the food processor to slice to the thickness you want. Spread evenly on trays of the dehydrator then dry. You know they are ready because when you cool a couple of them, they will snap when you bent. Drying time will vary, but plan on a good days worth. Mine normally take about 18 hours. When they are cooled off, store in a dry jar with a tight cover and store in a place that is dry, cool and dark such as a cupboard. We have a smaller jar we keep on the counter.

One thing I almost forgot is that your whole house will smell of garlic along with your jackets and can get a bit strong. Friends and strangers will ask you if you ate Italian food last night and a few days later as you walk by them. Put it somewhere farthest away and/or do it when you will be gone a few hours. If you have any questions just email me : )

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