Goodbye Arlene, Months Later

It has been awhile since I wrote in this blog and a lot has changed. Our dog Terra and cat Arlene are no longer with us. Both were around 13 years old. It was hard to lose both of them and they will always be in our thoughts. Both were strays that found us and brought such joy!

My son wrote a nice memorial on Terra and thought I would tell you a little about Arlene. One word a person should not say is never. When I was working at the landfill I saw a cat that would scurry under the roll offs. I vowed not to take a cat in, "never" a long haired one. I was not going to feed her, that lasted a couple months only slipping her food once. She would never come up to me. Eventually, 30 below zero weather had me worried. I put food down for the second time and she jumped into my arms! I had to take her in at this point to live with us. Arlene and Terra liked each other right away. When she came home I thought she was an all gray cat but after a bath and some time her real colors came through and she was beautiful! She was a great cat with personality and we really miss her a lot!

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