Introducing Our New Dog: Misty

We adopted Misty last October. She was a rescue from Texas, so I wondered how she would handle the snow considering her short hair. As you can see, she enjoyed her first snow. She does not enjoy the colder temperatures once it gets below zero, but then again who does.

Misty is so full of energy and turned a year old in January so she is still very much a puppy. She keeps us going exercising us daily : ) We just finished a large fence in an area going around the side of the barn where she can be around us when we are gardening and working in the barn. There are a few trees and bushes so she can explore and chase rabbits and squirrels.

Misty has now started obedience training and hopes to have good reports in future blogs. Wish we could have started earlier but the pandemic has put many things on hold. With spring brings new hope for the future.

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